It is common for people to have prized pieces of jewelry that they want to keep in the best condition possible. Unfortunately, ineffective care and cleaning practices can lead to high-quality and beautiful pieces of jewelry degrading much more quickly. This is especially the case with jewelry items that people wear on a daily or regular basis. For those that have prized pieces of moonstone jewelry, there are several tips that can help to preserve the appearance and condition of these jewelry items.

Primarily Use Water To Clean The Moonstone

Cleaning the moonstone will be one of the most important steps for keeping these pieces of jewelry looking their best. Unfortunately, there are many cleaning products and solutions that can be highly damaging to this type of stone. In extreme cases, these products may even cause the moonstone to change colors. Luckily, these stones can be easily cleaned with water, and while this may be sufficient the vast majority of the time that you are cleaning these pieces of jewelry, you can also utilize dish soap if there is stubborn grime on the moonstone that is not wanting to be removed.  

Invest In Suitable Cloths For Cleaning Your Moonstone

The type of cloth that you use to clean your moonstone is another important factor. Some cloths can be rough enough to actually leave small scratches on the surface of the moonstone, and this could severely detract from its shine. Ideally, you should purchase jewelry cleaning supplies that are specifically designed to be used on gemstones. If this is not available, a microfiber cloth may be a suitable option, but you will have to make sure that it is completely clean. Any dirt or debris that is trapped in the microfiber could cause deep gashes in the moonstone.

Have Somewhere Safe To Store Your Sterling Silver Moonstone Jewelry

Proper storage of your sterling silver moonstone jewelry is another factor to consider if you are wanting to ensure that these pieces of jewelry remain in good condition. At a minimum, these items should be stored in a suitable jewelry box that will keep these items from rubbing against other pieces of jewelry as this could lead to deep scratches being left in the moonstone as well as the sterling silver. Additionally, it can be advisable to choose a jewelry box that can utilize humidity control to minimize the chances of corrosion forming on the sterling silver as this could be difficult to remove and could severely degrade the shine of these pieces.

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