It's easy to be focused on the size and shape of the diamond when you shop for an engagement ring, but you shouldn't make the mistake of overlooking the shank material. Yellow gold, white gold, and platinum are all popular shank materials for engagement rings, but you may also notice a selection of rose gold rings at your local jewelry store. Rose gold can have a significant visual impact because of its unique color. If your significant other has expressed a fondness for rose gold jewelry, you may wish to choose this shank material when you buy an engagement ring. Here are some other times to consider this material.

To Suit Skin Tone

It's a good idea to consider a number of factors about your significant other when you shop for an engagement ring. One factor to keep in mind is your significant other's skin tone. Certain engagement rink shank materials can be a better match for certain skin tones. In the case of rose gold, it's best on skin tones that are tanned, olive, and dark. If your significant other's skin tone falls into one of these categories, a rose gold engagement ring can be a perfect choice.

In The Case Of A Second Marriage

If you're going to be proposing to someone who was previously married or previously engaged, it's important to be careful about the look of the engagement ring that you buy. Namely, you don't want to buy a ring that reminds your significant other of their previous engagement ring. Do some digging to discreetly learn about the look of the previous engagement ring, perhaps by talking to a friend of your significant other. If the ring was yellow gold or white gold, for example, you may wish to choose a rose gold ring so that it looks dramatically different and thus doesn't remind them of the past.

To Offer Something Unique

Don't overlook the idea of buying a rose gold engagement ring simply because you know that your significant other appreciates unique jewelry. There are many different designs of yellow gold and white gold engagement rings, but these shank materials are also very popular. If your significant other always looks for jewelry that is different than what their friends wear, a ring with a rose gold shank may be an option to pursue. Look for a jewelry store that has a wide selection of engagement rings, as it will offer a variety of rose gold products for you to consider.

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