Jewelry is something people wear for appearance reasons and something they keep tucked away for sentimental reasons. No matter what your reasons are for having a piece of jewelry that has broken and needs to be fixed, you'll be glad to know that repairs are possible. Learn here about some of the more common repair issues and other information you'll want to remember for any pieces you already have that are broken, and pieces you have that aren't.

Jewelry that break often

There will be certain parts of jewelry that break more easily than others. Here are some of the most common types of jewelry breaks:

Clasps – Clasps of necklaces, bracelets, and anklets tend to break often, mainly because some clasps aren't very strong. Harder-to-break clasps are the ones that screw together and that have barrel shapes. The easier-to-break clasps are the ones that have opening and closing hooks. These are easier to break due to their design and the wear and tear they take by repeatedly being forced open each time you go to put on and take off the piece. Also, clasps can end up getting snagged on articles of clothing, which can break them as well. Repairing a broken clasp requires replacing the clasp with a new one.

Chain links – The chain links of necklaces, bracelets, and anklets are also quite easy to break. The chains can end up breaking when the piece of jewelry has stress put on it, such as the stress tends to happen when they get pulled on or when they get caught on something. This type of break can be repaired by replacing the broken link with a new one that will then be properly closed.

Gemstones – Gemstones can fall out of settings in rings or in other pieces of jewelry. If a gemstone falls out of a piece of jewelry, then you want to try to find the gemstone if you can. If you can't, then you want to choose a new stone to have put in its place. The gemstone can be placed back into the setting and secured, or the setting can be replaced with a new one that's fused in its place.


No matter what has broken on a piece of jewelry that you have, you can have it repaired. So, the next time you have a piece of jewelry damaged, you want to keep this in mind before you toss it in your jewelry box never to be worn again.

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