If you have several pieces of jewelry, you may find it difficult to find a specific piece if they are all jumbled together in a box or drawer. Organizing your jewelry will allow you to match pieces with your outfits, giving you a more polished look as a result. Here are a few tips you can use to keep your jewelry organized so you can find that perfect piece with ease when it is desired.

Purchase The Perfect Jewelry Dresser

Most people use a jewelry box to store their pieces. If you have a large amount however, a box may not be enough room to store it. Consider purchasing a standing jewelry dresser to hold your selections. These have several drawers, an opening door with shelves inside, and small hooks to hang your necklaces with ease. These can easily be placed in a bedroom or bathroom and are constructed to mimic clothing dressers so they fit right in with your decor.

Use A Jewelry Drawer Organizer

Purchase a drawer organizing unit to help keep your pieces untangled and easy to find. An organizing tool can be slipped into a drawer, instantly separating the area into small compartments. You can then sort your jewelry by type, metal, or occasion. If desired, you can place small labels on the back of each section, indicating what piece of jewelry is placed in that specific spot. This will save you the time in pulling out each piece to look at it if you need a specific item. These organizers can be moved from drawer to drawer, making them a great versatile piece you can bring along on vacations.

Construct A Peg Board To See Items

Purchase a piece of wooden peg board from your local hardware store. Small hooks are made to fit in the holes of these boards, allowing you to hang necklaces and bracelets so they are within view. Designate one portion of the pegboard for draping items such as these. Glue a piece of craft foam to a part of the peg board. Earrings can be poked through the foam so they are easily seen. Hang the pegboard from a wall in your bathroom or bedroom to keep your jewelry within easy reach. If desired, glue a mirror on a portion of the pegboard so have an area to see how jewelry looks when you try it on.

For more information, contact a manufacturer of jewelry organizers.