You have decided to pop the question, and the next step is to find the perfect ring for your soon-to-be bride. The problem is that there are literally thousands of styles and variations of engagement rings. Diamonds are known to be rare and can cost quite a bit more than most other type of gemstones. If your budget is on the low end, then maybe you should consider purchasing a clarity enhanced diamond ring. While it is hard for anyone to detect the difference between a natural diamond and a clarity enhanced diamond, there are a few differences that could help you decide which route to take. Here are some tips for buying a clarity enhanced diamond ring. 

What is a Clarity Enhanced Diamond? 

Before going out and purchasing a clarity enhanced diamond, you should know what you are investing in. A clarity enhanced diamond is just like any other natural diamond that has been mined right out of the earth. Because of issues within the diamond, it is treated to enable it to look more clear. Nothing else about the diamond changes including the size when it has been treated. 

Why Buy a Clarity Enhanced Diamond?

There are several benefits of purchasing a clarity enhanced diamond over one that has not been enhanced. One of the biggest perks is that you can get considerably more diamond for your money. This is great for those who are on a tight budget. Not only are you getting a larger diamond, but you can also score a clearer diamond when you purchased one that has been treated. Your fiance will love a little extra bling in her ring, and a clarity enhanced diamond can do this. 

How is a Clarity Enhanced Diamond Graded?

While jewelers differ on opinions on whether a diamond should be graded after or before it is treated, it is important to decide what the grade is before purchasing one of these diamonds. The leading gemological laboratory, GIA does not grade diamonds that have been enhanced. When gemologists do grade the diamond, they grade it after the enhancement. The reason for this is due to the fact that the grade would not be accurate if it was done before the enhancement because it no longer resembles that grade. One issue with it being graded after the enhancement is that this can be reversed. If the clarity enhanced diamond undergoes a reversal, then the grade is not accurate either. It is important to consult with the jeweler about the enhancement and the grade before purchasing the diamond. 

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