Starting a new jewelry business is a great way to express your creative side while making an income to pay the bills and have some fun with. You'll find plenty of sales avenues to take advantage of such as community craft fairs and local variety stores. You can also utilize a myriad of online outlets that will enable you to build your brand worldwide. But you're not the only one interested in making their living with a custom jewelry business so expect some competition – consider making use of the following three products to help set your business apart from the crowd:

Czech Glass Beads

Also referred to as Bohemian glass due to its origins in North Bohemia, Czech glass beads are an exceptional jewelry making product option because of their smooth surface and stunning see-through quality. They are molded into a variety of shapes and sizes which makes it easy to custom your necklaces and earrings depending on your target demographic.

Czech glass beads also come in a myriad of color options so you can turn your jewelry pieces into mood transforming tools – use hues of red to invoke energy and excitement, infuse shades of blue to reduce blood pressure levels and reduce stress, or implement yellow to provide some peace of mind and encourage feelings of happiness.

Local Stones and Shells

Another great product you can implement into your jewelry pieces can be found in your own neighborhood. Taking the time to hunt for interesting stones and shells at your local parks, beaches, state forest reservations, and even variety shops will provide you with lots of unique options to consider when planning a new piece to create. With the use of local stones and shells, you can ensure that no two pieces of jewelry are alike. Consider investing in stone files so it's easy to create your own shapes out of oversized options in your collection.

Hemp Twine

To snag your fair share of eco-conscious customers, make hemp twine a mainstay within your jewelry making business. Hemp twine is durable yet easy to work with, and hemp itself is a renewable resource that makes only a minimal contribution to deforestation and toxic emissions compared to most other commercial materials. You can use it as is in place of a metal chain, or weave trinkets and several pieces of twine together to create thick bracelets and anklets.

These product ideas are affordable enough to infuse into your new business without putting a lot of pressure on your overall budget.