The moon plays a large part in Wiccan worship. The three phases of the moon--waxing, full and waning--all represent important things to the Wiccan religion. Female Wiccans especially connect to the symbolism because it reminds them of the three stages of feminine life: the maiden, the crone and the mother or woman in between. If you are a Wiccan, and you wish to display your ties to your religion in a way that others will recognize and appreciate, then moon rings may be the perfect thing. Here are a couple of different examples of moon rings that may appeal to you. 

The Crescent Moon Rings

Many rings with crescent moons alone or crescent moons embracing the single star may suit your current position in your coven. The crescent moon waxing is perfect for maidens, or new, young members to the group. The crescent moon could also be seen as waning, symbolic of the position of the crone, or the older members of the group. When accompanied by a star, the symbol takes on the meaning of hopeful fertility, and the birth of a child for women of child-bearing years. When these rings are also made of pure silver, they act as protecting shields against evil (or so the lore goes).

Moonstone Rings

Rings that include the moonstone honor the goddess of the night sky. The moonstone itself is said to have healing powers and rejuvenation for Wiccan practitioners who feel that their powers have been weakened. If you want a moonstone ring, it is best to incorporate the moon as a full circle, like the full moon herself.

The Wiccan Moons as a Ring

There are two ways you can wear this style of ring. The first is a larger version of the symbol which spans three fingers. The second is a tinier symbol that fits on a single finger. Both of these options come with a third optional moonstone in the center of the ring, but most bearers leave the stone option out or reserve it for members with status in their group.

Where to Get Your Rings

There are many alternative religion stores and New Age stores that sell Wiccan jewelry (such as Moonglow Jewelry). They also sell Druidic, Celtic and other pagan pieces that might be of interest to you. If you have an artistic person in your group, he or she may also be able to handcraft rings for you for a price.