If you have some pieces of antique jewelry that you'd like to sell, it's important to ensure you get the most money possible for the transaction. Older jewelry can be a bit tricky to assess when it comes to value, so there are several things to keep in mind before you set an asking price. Here are some things to consider when you go to sell your antique jewelry.

Be Objective

If a necklace or ring is extremely decorative and beautifully made, you might think it's worth a lot of money. In some cases this is true, but buyers are looking for different characteristics that include maker's marks, valuable gemstones, and gold content. They may not necessarily be looking at how the piece of jewelry looks in terms of aesthetics alone. It's also important to keep in mind that just because a piece of antique jewelry holds sentimental value to you, it might not translate into worth for the buyer. If your antique jewelry is not in fashion or considered rare, you could be better off selling it just for the gold or gemstone value alone.

Condition Is Important

Just like any other antique, the condition of your jewelry is important for the final value. Make sure the jewelry isn't scratched or missing any stones. Rings should not be warped, and bracelets or necklaces should have all of the clasps attached. You can always have your jewelry professionally repaired and cleaned before you sell it, and this usually improves the value. On the other hand, some collectors may not be interested in restored jewelry and prefer natural patina. Decide if the piece you want to sell will be worth more as-is, or if you can get more money for it if you have it repaired.

Get An Appraisal

An official appraisal will certainly give you more power when it comes to asking price. Find a professional jewelry appraiser, such as those at The Gold Miner, who specializes in antiques. They should be able to determine the jewelry's age, country of origin, maker, and the stones and metals that it's made of. Keep in mind that it costs money to have an appraisal done, and they may only give you the insurance value of the piece. When you get your appraisal certificate in hand, you can use this to show a buyer it's been officially looked at and assessed. When you're ready to sell your antique jewelry, be sure you have all of the information you need ready so you can make the money you deserve.