If you want to wear the most popular high-fashion jewelry today, there are a few designs that are dominating the fashion runways in New York, London, Paris, Rome, and Milan. The recent past was dominated by larger-than-life jewelry and that trend is being simplified and downsized this season. Here are a few of the designs that are currently grabbing a great deal of attention in high-fashion jewelry today:

  • Ear Cuffs - Ear cuffs are being worn on the ear flap with hair piled up on the head to allow them to take center stage. These ear cuffs are simplified gold and silver bands with or without gemstones. The cuff design emphasizes the shape and curve of the ear and flatters the face with a little shine.
  • Arm Cuffs - Gold and silver arm cuffs are very popular when they cinch the forearm and are not worn on the wrist. These cuffs can be patterned with stamped designs or plain gold and silver bands. Gemstone cuffs can be worn interspersed with the metal cuffs for more drama. These stacked cuffs are best worn with a strapless or sleeveless dress. The cuffs look best when paired with just earrings or ear cuffs and worn without a necklace. 
  • Stack Rings - Dual and triple stack rings are currently a very popular look. These rings can be plain gold or silver or embellished with gemstones in a simple pavé setting. The most unusual aspect of these stack rings is that they are being worn high up on the fingers between the top knuckle and the second knuckle of the fingers. 
  • Earrings - Long, dangling earrings are simplified shapes that hang from the earlobes. These earrings can be solid gold, silver, or gemstones of uncomplicated shapes. Mismatched, geometric shapes are also very popular. 
  • Pendants - Large, simple pendants and brooches are also very popular. Worn just under the collar bone, these pendants and brooches grab the eye. Cut and carved gemstones are set into precious metal bezels and highlight the features of the face with their shape and shine.
  • Bracelets - Large, bracelets, worn around the wrist can extend down onto the hand and also up past the wrist bone. These bracelets are being shown in geometric gold and silver shapes, as well as in precious gemstones of diamond, emerald, ruby, and sapphire. The look is elegant when worn alone with just ear cuffs. 

Wearing high-fashion jewelry is a great way to get attention, especially today with the emphasis on large, simple, designs and gemstones. The current style is to wear either a necklace without earrings and bracelets or to wear a bracelet with just ear cuffs. The opulence of high-fashion jewelry is tempered by the simplicity of wearing just one statement item at a time. It is a very elegant look that can be worn for formal or business occasions and also casually in daily life. It is a look that may be around for longer than just one season of trendy fashion jewelry