Did you see the classic movie Gentlemen Prefer Blonds which stared Marilyn Monroe and Jane Russell? Marilyn and Jane sing about diamonds being a girl's best friend. More recently, the Christmas Song, Santa Baby, shows that the singer is asking for jewelry, too. It's no secret that many women love jewelry, and that includes your wife. Part of the appeal is, of course, the beauty of the piece of jewelry that you select. However, another thing that makes jewelry special is the sentiment behind the gift. Here are some ideas that might inspire you go select the perfect piece of jewelry for the special days in your wife's life.

Christmas - Do you already have plans for New Year's Eve? If they include you and your wife dressing in formal clothes for your event, a great gift would be fine jewelry. You can't go wrong with diamonds because they go with everything. If your budget has been stretched with other Christmas gift giving, small earring studs would be a great choice. If you are wanting to give your wife a more impressive gift, select larger diamonds for the studs, or choose a diamond tennis bracelet which is a very versatile piece of jewelry. 

Anniversary - Your wife probably already has an engagement ring and a wedding band. If she doesn't, or if the one you gave her at the time you got married wasn't the one you really wanted to give her, an anniversary is the perfect time to give her new rings that declare your love for her. Another idea is to buy a guard ring to go between the wedding ring and the engagement ring. Select a guard ring that incorporates her favorite color into the design. For example, if your wife's favorite color is red, then buy a guard ring with rubies in it. If she loves green, a guard ring with emeralds in it will thrill her. 

Birthday - Go with fine jewelry that includes your wife's birthstone in the design. Again, what's in your bank account will probably determine what you want to buy your wife for her birthday. If you are on a limited budget, a delicate chain necklace with a tiny birthstone dangling from it would be something that she'd love. That type of necklace is a good choice because your wife can wear it all the time, even when she wears other pieces of jewelry. If you are wanting to give a more expensive gift, consider a set of fine jewelry that includes a dinner ring, a necklace, earrings and a bracelet.

Of course, the presentation is important, too. The clerk at the jewelry store will be happy to show you pretty jewelry boxes in which you can place the jewelry you have selected. 

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