The United States and most nations of the world mint their own coins. Coins are minted from precious and non-precious metals and the prices of those metals fluctuate daily. In order to buy and sell coins online and find a reputable coin dealer (such as Penny Pincher Coins & Jewelry), you should consider the following:

Know the Current Metal Quotes - It is best to know what precious metals are worth before you attempt to buy or sell coins. Kitco is a company that posts the daily value of precious and non-precious metals such as gold, silver, platinum, palladium, and rhodium. They get these values by tracking the live NASDAQ Stock Market. When you know the daily valuation of precious and non-precious metals, you can better judge if the prices you find online are in line with the current market rates.  

Know What You Have / Know What You Want - If you are buying or selling coins, you should know what the coins are worth before you attempt to buy or sell them. To do this, go to an online coin grading service and research the coins that you wish to buy and/or sell. Here are a few online coin grading services that will grade coins:

  • Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS) - This online company has price guides and information on important US rare coins. The prices listed on this site are the average dealer asking prices for PCGS-graded coins. 
  • Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC) - This corporation offers a comprehensive and accurate US coin values guide and is the official grading service of the American Numismatic Association. 
  • The Collectors Corner - This site is the coin grading service for The Certified Coin Exchange, a trading system for coin dealers, and the electronic exchange for US Certified Rare Coins. 

How To Find a Reputable Online Coin Dealer - Go to the following links to find organizations that have lists of recommended coin dealers: 

  • Professional Numismatists Guild (PNG) - PGN accredited coin dealers must adhere to a strict Code of Ethics to grade coins accurately and buy and sell coins at a fair price that reflects the current market value of the coinage metals. 
  • CoinSite - This site lists coin prices, coin mints, numismatic research materials, coin grading services, and recommends gold and silver bullion coin dealers. This company only recommends coin dealers who have established a good track record of customer satisfaction. 
  • CoinTalk - This site has an active forum for people interested in coins. They also recommend U.S. and World coin dealers by country. 

With careful and diligent research of the above information, you can find the current value of precious metals, the current value of US and other national coins, as well as authorized and knowledgeable online coin dealers.